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17 August 2011 @ 07:02 am
Stolen from toestastegood (she has the best memes)  
I need to write you guys. Like on a regular basis, and not a snippet here or there every two weeks. I miss it terribly so I'm gonna give this meme a try and hope for the best.

1. Give me a pairing (or character, or the name of a show) and a prompt (a word, a phrase, a situation, an emotion, a few lines from a song or, hell, even an entire song) and I will do my best to write you a snippet based on your request.

2. Post to your own little corner of LJ offering to write snippets for people, thus spreading the joys of comment porn.

3. Sit back, relax and enjoy the porny goodness. \o/

* You don’t have to offer to write snippets for other people if you leave a request, but it would be fun if you do.

** Snippets don’t necessarily have to be porny, comment fic is just as much fun. As is a rambling stream of consciousness type thing about how character x and character y meet and why they would get on like a house on fire – whatever comes bouncing into your brain is a-okay.

*** If you’re one of those people who have a big old ‘friend of’ list then you might want to put a limit on the number of requests you’re willing to write.

Fandoms I'll write: Suits, Law and Order: UK, Eureka, The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, Franklin and Bash, Rizzoli and Isles, Lost, Heroes, Misfits, Game of Thrones, Merlin, Supernatural (no Dean prompts please), DC Comics, Y: The Last Man.
Shona: heroes - monicatoestastegood on August 17th, 2011 01:01 pm (UTC)
Adam/Monica, the future is orange

I'm sure the pairing comes as no surprise from me. ;)
tokenblkgirltokenblkgirl on August 18th, 2011 03:06 am (UTC)
Adam/Monica, the future is orange
They’ve done this before.

Well, he’s brought out rocks before, pretty purple and blue ones that were supposed to balance her energy or release her balance…or something. But they were never naked and she’d never felt this exposed, which was scary and exciting at the same time. Later she’ll learn this was for her Sacral Hara Chakra, that the orange color of the rock somehow ties to the energy in her hips and pelvis. It is—all too complicated to wrap her mind around, all Monica knows is how good she feels while he’s lifting and rolling her hips his hands spreading her open, making her come with his mouth and fingers. And throughout all of this, even her desperate straining against the mattress, that rock somehow stays in its place on her stomach.

“My magic rock.” She murmurs later. “Pretty.”

“Your chakra.” Adam corrects, then kisses her shoulder. “And the gem’s just a conduit, it’s the color that supposed to promote…sexual energy.”

“It makes you hungry too.”

“I think that was the sex actually.”

“That chaka stuff is still weird but this was kinda nice.” She picks up the rock and turns on her stomach, stretching like a cat. “Can we do yours next?”

“Mine’s been open for a few decades.” He takes the rock from her hand, studies it. “But some readjusting could be in order.”

“And I get to be on top this time right?”

“Oh, most definitely.”
Re: Adam/Monica, the future is orange - blackmamba_esq on August 25th, 2011 02:06 am (UTC) (Expand)
Sounds like "Kay-nuh": Ty's that Bon ... cleverrazycrandomgirl on August 17th, 2011 02:05 pm (UTC)
Bonnie/Tyler -"Well, now I can kill too, because now I have hate."
tokenblkgirl: Vampire Diaries: Bonnie  Magictokenblkgirl on August 18th, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
Bonnie/Tyler -"Well, now I can kill too, because now I have hate."
It’s hard for Tyler to figure out this new Bonnie so he stops trying, figures she’ll explain things eventually. Or not, which is alright, he’s learned so much in the past year that he didn’t want to know, so maybe she’s just better off keeping the witch angst to herself. She likes playing superhero, which really throws him cause Bonnie’s always been the nice girl, kinda quiet and shy. Sometimes he’d even forget she was there. No chance of that now though, not with her constantly riding his ass about the werewolf thing.

“You need to be careful.” She says whenever he gets pissed off or talks too loud, or fucking breathes in the wrong direction. “Someone could get hurt.”

“I got hurt.” He shrugs, wishes he had something to crush between his fingers. His blood runs hot now, his muscle twitch from inactivity despite a two hour run around the track this morning. “Correction, I got fucked, so some asshole’s broken nose doesn’t exactly move me, you know.”

Bonnie touches his arm and everything goes cold. Tyler shivers and swallows, “I hate when you do that.” And he does, but he also feels calmer, peaceful. Which is probably the point.

“I’ve got problems too.” Bonnie snaps and lifts her hand. “I can hate the world just as well as you can, but it’s a waste of damn time. It doesn’t change anything.”

She backs away and he misses her touch, misses her when she turns to walk out the door. He considers grabbing her. He actually reaches for her arm before deciding against it. There’s no telling what might happen—what her reaction would be. It felt nice though, those few seconds of peace.

Maybe she’ll explain that someday too.
Magali - Lady Gawain: sarcasmladygawain on August 17th, 2011 02:19 pm (UTC)
Oh, totally stealing this meme because I'm desperate to write and I need to do so now.

My request:

Harvey/Jessica (Suits), goes down smooth
tokenblkgirl: Suits: Jessica/Harveytokenblkgirl on August 19th, 2011 12:54 am (UTC)
Harvey/Jessica (Suits), goes down smooth
She’s a little lightheaded, a little short of breath from wriggling around her bed and giggling like a teenager. Oh and the brandy—a rare vintage courtesy of Harvey that’s actually the reason he’s laughing and lying naked beside her. It’s the third time it’s happened in eight years, the only time in her home and if she wasn’t half drunk and a little lonely she’d have tossed him out an hour ago. But she is lonely. Jessica never lies to herself, only idiots do that, and it’s one of those days—weeks—that being single is starting to get to her. And his company is the only thing she wants anyway, she’s started comparing men to him, weighing their intelligence and stamina to what she has with Harvey.

(she has no idea what she has with Harvey)

“Open your legs.” He growls against her throat, his hands already working where his mouth intends to go, but she shakes her head, whispers “You first,” and feels him grin against her skin. She can’t give an inch and he knows that, probably enjoys it, but sometimes she wishes she could. When he leans back with that perfect hair wild and tousled against his forehead and that look, both mischievous and tender she wishes—

She wishes she could.

Jessica takes her time, uses a light touch of her fingertips to make him harder, her mouth drops down briefly to flick against his cock before she moves away again to allow her hair to brush across his thighs and stomach. Harvey grimaces, his body so tight she can see the blue veins in his forearms and spits out a hard, “Jessica.” She lifts an eyebrow in response, waits in patient silence.


The pleasure the word causes (and it’s a hell of a lot, graciousness isn’t something she’s mastered quite yet) is quickly extinguished by regret. She shouldn’t make him do this—it kills him to give as much as it does her. Jessica takes him deep in her mouth, a gesture that earns a shocked exhalation of breath and relived groans. There. All better.

“Jessica. Please.”

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Re: Harvey/Jessica (Suits), goes down smooth - ladygawain on August 19th, 2011 03:18 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Harvey/Jessica (Suits), goes down smooth - tokenblkgirl on August 19th, 2011 04:49 pm (UTC) (Expand)
nightcamedown: dw_gqmfnightcamedown on August 17th, 2011 07:25 pm (UTC)
Ooooh, I think I'll be snagging this meme.

Martha Jones/River Song, I want to say I'm sorry for stuff I haven't done yet /Things will shortly get completely out of hand

Sorry for the slightly cracky pairing, but in my heart I know they would be amazing together. Feel free to make it friendshippy instead of porny if you'd like :)
tokenblkgirl: Doctor Who: Marthatokenblkgirl on August 19th, 2011 04:47 pm (UTC)
Martha Jones/River Song, I want to say I'm sorry for stuff I haven't done yet /Things will shortly g
Three years from now they’ll be on another planet in another galaxy, locked in the underground prison of a Slitheen concentration camp. A week later they’ll be with The Doctor again, Martha attempting to explain exactly what happened and why River’s face is on every wanted poster in Chiveree market. He’ll blame her for this of course, which he should, but still, his refusal to even consider that Martha had a hand in it will irritate her the rest of the day. The morning after that she’ll hate herself for resenting anything about Martha Jones because the girl is in fact brilliant and amazing, and much too good for either one of them.

Martha will save a world a month later, it doesn’t matter which one really, this has become a regular occurrence they’ve all began to take in stride. River will find her at her hotel door, dirty and bleeding, though with an apologetic smile, “Could I come inside?”

As if she has to ask. So polite this one, thoughtful, she can’t imagine how he managed to let her go.

They’ll stay up late and share stories, drink too much, regret that in the morning. Martha will tell her things she’s never told anyone and River will tell her nothing of consequence, because she shouldn’t ruin the moment. She’ll kiss her lightly on the lips, a friendly kiss without implication or demand, before saying goodnight or goodbye—River has to leave in the morning—and Martha’s mildly surprised, grins and blushes prettily as she closes the door behind her.

This is all before the storm, before the war. Before it ends. But that’s the future and right now, River’s just a woman Martha’s met at a coffee shop and spent the entire morning talking about nothing in particular. There’s no Doctor. No Year that Never was. That’s fascinating because she’s still the same. That quiet courage, that excitement for the unknown. There are small changes—everyone changes—but—yes.

Still the same.

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(Deleted comment)
tokenblkgirl: Merlin: Angeltokenblkgirl on August 19th, 2011 05:12 pm (UTC)
Gwen/Gwaine + Modern!au, and the leaders of the free world are just little boys throwing stones
It’s all worked out like he planned, so isn’t he in control anymore?

Gwen’s decided that Arthur’s not the man she married, that self preservation has outweighed what’s best for the country. She’s told him about Merlin, “Arthur can’t take a piss without Merlin holding his dick,” and it’s bitter and crass and sexy coming out of that virginal mouth. Gwaine’s her savior, he night in shinning armor that will right every wrong, which is what he wanted, for her to trust him, need him, let him inside her. But he’s not in control. She pushes the crotch of her panties to the side and lifts her leg a bit and he is definitely not in fucking control.

“I missed you today.” It manages to sound sweet, earnest, and brings him to his knees. He buries his head between her thighs, kisses her fingers. God help him, he missed her too. Gwen sighs and strokes his head gently, and he would tear the fucking world apart to hear that sound again, to never miss her again.

“We’re doing what’s right.” She’ll say, and he’ll believe it because there’s no mission anymore, just right and wrong. Them and everyone else, and he hates Arthur—hates him. This isn’t what he planned. It’s everything he’s wanted.

“They’ll never see it coming.”

Edited at 2011-08-19 05:13 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
i've got interpersonal issues and syphilisjacobella41 on August 17th, 2011 09:26 pm (UTC)
La Sinfonia?!
tokenblkgirl: Naomietokenblkgirl on September 4th, 2011 07:17 pm (UTC)
Dante/Ana, La Sinfonia
He can’t stop himself from comparing them, though Ana constantly points out that she is not nor will she ever be Lee or anything remotely resembling his ex-wife. But the thing is, Dante knows that, understands it on a instinctive level. The woman beneath him is not curvy and soft, generous or tender. Ana claws and bites, her entire body a svelte vise of demanding muscle that he can slam to the ground, grind against without fear of hurting her or believing this is anything more than satisfying basic need. There’s resentment simmering in her eyes every time she fucks him, like she’s angry on her friend’s behalf. Former friend.

“Lee left us both, remember?”

Left them to move on without her, struggle to fit in a domestic world that was never theirs in the first place. Left Ana to grieve Landon alone, to raise an increasingly distant daughter, to face the fact that she’s never be good at anything but destroying what’s around her. It’s what she does to him, a little more each day. She comes hard, shivers and moans, and the sounds break him apart, turn him into someone else entirely.

Dante breathes, “Let me fuck your mouth,” hard against her ear, demands it, it’s not a goddamn request, and she’s on her knees, licking and sucking without hesitation. Ana likes them this way. No pretenses, no whispered iloveyous, just one hand on the wall, the other in her hair, and his cock inching closer to her throat with each shallow thrust. It’s cruel and beautiful, this freedom they have with each other, and while he can’t stop himself from comparing them, from hearing Lee’s voice mixed inside his desperate panting, it’s Ana’s name that rips from his throat, her mouth that leaves him shattered and trembling against the wall.

He kisses her afterwards and tastes her cigar and bourbon, and the salty remnants of himself and doesn’t say things like I’m sorry or I love you.

She’d never believe him anyway.

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Re: Dante/Ana, La Sinfonia - blackmamba_esq on September 6th, 2011 01:44 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Dante/Ana, La Sinfonia - jacobella41 on September 7th, 2011 03:24 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Dante/Ana, La Sinfonia - tokenblkgirl on September 9th, 2011 06:18 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Dante/Ana, La Sinfonia - jacobella41 on September 9th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC) (Expand)
ozmissage: M. S/A.it's you falling in love with himozmissage on August 17th, 2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
Simon/Alisha- present tense
tokenblkgirl: The Misfits: Alishatokenblkgirl on September 4th, 2011 07:42 pm (UTC)
Simon/Alisha- present tense
Simon hasn’t made up his mind that Alisha was checking him out this afternoon, primarily because if that was in fact what was happening there was a significant chance he might say something in a panic that would cause her to slap him. Or even worse tell Nathan. He couldn’t bear any of that, so he keeps the moment (which consisted of a three second pause after he turned around to find her eyes somewhere around his hip area, which made him look down there as well—he must have wasted something—and her babble and look away a second later) to himself, like a rare penny no one else would look twice at but is absolutely priceless, one he’ll never come across again. He’ll polish it up a bit (maybe it was a little longer than three seconds), embellish here and there (it was his cock she was looking at, which was much more impressive than she expected) and keep it beneath his pillow to bring out for emergencies ( those times when celibacy feels like a curse he will never break, no matter how much he really, really wants to), this memory was his and it staying that way meant no one else could take it from him.

It pleases him so much that he manages to smile the next time he sees her without feeling like an idiot. She kind of grimaces and turns away, but that’s alright. It’s actually one of his better experiences with women lately. But later, she’ll say “G’night Simon,” with everyone there, not a group goodbye that includes him by default, but an actual farewell as if he mattered to her.

He doesn’t understand women. He doesn’t understand the changes in her, but he’ll just keep that to himself as well, in his pocket alongside that maybe appreciative glance toward his—groin area, because this mother always said the past was the past, and the present—his present—is all that matters anyway.

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Re: Simon/Alisha- present tense - ozmissage on September 5th, 2011 04:57 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Simon/Alisha- present tense - dreamon_dreamer on September 17th, 2011 01:27 am (UTC) (Expand)
dance with those lions: sanadance_the_dance on August 18th, 2011 12:43 am (UTC)
Ana Lucia/Sawyer, trust

(I'm not snagging the meme because I don't really write anything at all. *sigh*)
blackmamba_esq: jack and allisonblackmamba_esq on August 18th, 2011 02:12 am (UTC)
Can I have more than one please????

Jack/Allison (Eureka) And dearest can you tell I'm trying to love you less?

Jamie/Cersei/Brienne (Game of Thrones) One day she won't love you either.
femmenoirefemmenoire on August 18th, 2011 11:43 pm (UTC)

Ok... um, what about Lost: Sawyer, pre-series, his first grift?

Is this allowed?
DD: [tv] aleshadreamon_dreamer on August 19th, 2011 02:05 am (UTC)

matt/alesha, i'll come driving fast as wheels can turn